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About Me

I AM NOT A PRODUCT OF MY ENVIRONMENT! I am living proof that it's not where you're from, but where you're at. I'm from the projects, but I don't act projectish! I dropped out of high school by force, not choice. I received my GED at age 19 and went on to college with the help of Congressman Bobby Scott who was my employer by the blessings of God! I only have an Associates in Business, but that was enough to take me where I needed to be. You see, experience was my best teacher... so I began to teach and mentor people about things that mattered most in life; finances, credit, and money management. After working in that field for over 20 years, I began to write. I became an author in 2012. I love entertaining people with words, but I'm in love with educating them on life. Now that I am a publisher/author consultant, I'm ready to help others dreams come true. But soon my own dreams of becoming a life/relationship coach will come true as well. Never stop dreaming because one day you will wake up and it will be a reality as long as you keep God first! It's a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to networking with you! Be blessed, never stressed!